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Source: Newsletter 25/01/2016

The Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland has hit out at the suggestion that people over 75 could lose their free TV licence.

Responding to the news that the BBC may ask over-75s to give up their free TV licence or make a voluntary contribution to it, Evelyn Hoy, chief executive at the Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland, raised concerns.

“As more older people are living alone, we too often hear about older people who are lonely and socially isolated,” she said.

“Half of older people say that television is their main source of company and therefore it is vital that it remains accessible to all.

“Any proposed change in the cost of TV licences for over 75s would have implications on the household budgets of individual older people.

“Many older people, even those with assets, may not be cash rich and have to carefully account for new expenditure.”

The potential impact would require consideration, she said, asking the BBC to listen to the concerns of older people.

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