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Most of us can remember a time when we felt a bit down and someone was there to help us - a family member, a friend, a neighbour. It’s amazing the difference that a kind word or a comforting hug can make when we’re feeling sad and alone.

It makes all the difference.

This Christmas, thousands of older people all over Northern Ireland will feel lonely. Without family, friends or neighbours to call or visit, their Christmas Day will be like any other day.

They will see no one.
They will talk to no one.
They will feel that no one cares.

Age NI cares. Our day centres help hundreds of older people who have no one else to turn to. Our staff and volunteers see and hear how loneliness can cause pain and sadness every single day. They know only too well how time spent with others can help to ease that sadness.

If you can spare £10, you could help two lonely older people to enjoy Christmas dinner in an Age NI day centre with people who care.

If you can spare more, we can do more.

Pat manages our day centre in Dungannon, County Tyrone and Karen our centre in Castlewellan, County Down.

Karen: 'So many people run themselves ragged at Christmas, worrying about the right gift, the best food, the perfect party outfit. They forget what really matters – family and friends. I don't forget because I see at first-hand every day what life looks like when you have no one. It's a very lonely place to be. I'm so glad that our day centre exists because it brings a smile to people's faces and puts a little sparkle into their day. We are the family that many don't have.'

Pat: 'There’s nothing quite like a Christmas party in our day centre. It's a privilege to share such a special day with the older people in our care. We have such a lovely time eating together, exchanging presents and sharing stories. It's what life is all about, isn’t it? It's horrible to think that some of the people who are at the table wouldn't have a Christmas dinner at all without us.'

Karen, Pat, their co-workers and volunteers all over Northern Ireland do everything they can at Christmas time and all year round to support older people who have no one in their lives.

Will you send a gift today? If you can spare just £10, we can ensure there are two more places at our Christmas dinner table for older people in need.

Please send a gift today and help us make Christmas special for vulnerable older people here in Northern Ireland.

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