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You are never too old to exercise! With our DVDs you can exercise your body and mind in a fun and effective way from the comfort of your own home.

Alive & Active

Exercise is good for you - it can improve circulation and strengthen muscles and joints, helping you maintain mobility.

Our DVDs and resistance bands are especially designed for older people, or those with restricted mobility. They are also a great resource for activity leaders, carers or adult children to help encourage the older people they care for to get moving.

The Alive & Active DVDs, with Personal Trainer Simon Roll, provide an entertaining and energetic approach, that will have the most reluctant keep fitters tapping their toes to music classics they've known for years. DVDs include: Alive & Active and Alive & Active 2.

DVD Bundle

The Fun Workout DVDs, with Personal Trainer Kate Jakobsson, provide 'Pilates' based exercises that will help you improve your stamina, flexibility, balance and confidence. DVDs include: Let's Sit Up for a Fun Workout and Let's Get Down for a Fun Workout.

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