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The Age Sector works to secure rights and equality for older people in Northern Ireland. The sector was delighted that the Northern Ireland Executive in its Programme for Government committed, in 2012, to extend age discrimination legislation to the provision of goods, facilities and services (GFS) by March 20152, having worked on this issue for over ten years.

This legislation provides a major opportunity to enhance and improve the lives of older people, through prohibiting unjustifiable age discrimination, removing barriers to older people participating in society, and challenging negative stereotypes about older people.

This joint Age NI/Age Sector Platform Position Paper sets out our considered view of the steps necessary to ensure that the proposed law affords older people the highest protections against age discrimination in accessing goods, facilities and services. In order to inform development of this paper, Age NI engaged with over 130 older people across Northern Ireland. A number of their direct experiences are included throughout this paper. This subject has also been a topic of debate at the last two NI Pensioner’s Parliaments (NIPP), organised by Age Sector Platform.

We intend the content of this paper to be of use to departmental officials, including those involved in policy development and legislative drafting, elected representatives and their advisers, political party policy advisers, colleagues within the age sector and wider Third Sector, older people and others interested in delivering for older people. We also plan to produce a shorter, easy-read version of this paper.

Download the Age Sector Position Papers

Response to OFMDFM Consultation on Proposals to Extend Age Discrimination Legislation (GFS) - Sept 2015 (PDF 360KB)

Age Discrimination in Health and Social Care Briefing Paper - Feb 2015 (PDF 593KB)

Stop Age Discrimination Legislation -19 February 2015 (PDF 909KB)

Stop Age Discrimination - July 2014 (PDF 800KB)

Statistical Briefing Paper - July 2014 (PDF 640KB)

For more information: Age NI 028 9024 5729

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