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The following consultation responses have been prepared and issued by the Age NI Policy team.

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2015 Responses

Final Response to Office of First and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) public consultation on Proposals to Extend Age Discrimination Legislation (Goods, Facilities and Services)
September 2015

Age NI warmly welcomes the public consultation on age GFS proposals, as an important step towards the NI Executive delivering on its Programme for Government commitment to extend age discrimination legislation to the provision of goods, facilities and services during the current mandate.

Download: Age NI Response to DHSSPS Research Strategy (PDF 360KB)


Final Response to DHSSPS Research Strategy
January 2015

Age NI welcomes the opportunity to respond to the Department’s consultation Research for Better Health and Social Care: A Strategy for Health and Social Care Research and Development in Northern Ireland and look forward to the final strategy which will deliver for older people.

Download: Age NI Response to DHSSPS Research Strategy (PDF 400KB)

2014 Responses

Final Response to Minimum Care Standards for Nursing Homes
October 2014

Age NI believes that dignity, independence and choice should be at the heart of the provision of nursing home care and the standards should prioritise that these placements are the resident’s home first and foremost.

Taking these standards back to basics they are about looking after another human being in the way that we would like to be cared for when we are older ourselves and need to move into a nursing care setting.

Download: Minimum Care Standards for Nursing Homes (PDF 510KB)


Draft Response to Mental Capacity Bill (NI)
August 2014

Age NI welcomes this Bill as it creates a fundamental shift in how personal autonomy is respected. All too often older people have told us that they feel invisible and silenced by professionals.

Download: Draft Response to Mental Capacity Bill (PDF 710KB)


Response to Active Ageing Strategy 2014-2020
May 2014

Age NI has engaged with over 130 individuals from across Northern Ireland, as well as age sector groups and other voluntary sector organisations.

Full Response to Active Ageing Strategy (PDF 1MB)
Summary Response to Active Ageing Strategy (PDF 672KB)


Response to Making Choices:
Meeting the current and future accommodation needs of older people
March 2014

Age NI has unapologetically called for the voice and experience of older people to be central and at the heart of any changes and nowhere is this more important than in the closure of statutory residential care homes.

Download: Final Response to Making Choices (PDF 568 KB)

2013 Responses

Maximising Incomes and Outcomes Consultation
February 2013 (PDF 232 KB)

Final Response to Who Cares?
March 2013 (PDF 620KB)

Transforming Your Care
January 2013 (PDF 664KB)

2012 Responses

Service Framework for Older People
December 2012 (PDF 458KB)

Competition Commission Provisional Determination
August 2012 (PDF 232KB)

Utility Regulator Consultation Paper
July 2012 (PDF 149KB)

Response to the Competition Commission Inquiry
May 2012 (PDF 169KB)

Draft Programme for Government 2011-2015: Building a Better Future
Feb 2012 (PDF 359KB)

2011 Responses

A draft policy for Developing Advocacy Services
October 2011 (PDF 134KB)

Pension Reform EQIA
September 2011 (PDF 247 KB)

HSC Audit & Action Plan
March 2011

DHSSPS Audit and Action Plan (PDF 106KB)
NI Health & Social Care Board Audit and Action Plan (PDF 142KB)
Belfast HSC Trust Audit and Action Plan (PDF 105KB)
Northern HSC Trust Audit and Action Plan (PDF 148KB)
South Eastern HSC Trust Audit and Action Plan (PDF 149KB)
Southern HSC Trust Audit and Action Plan (PDF 149KB)
Western HSC Trust Audit and Action Plan (PDF 148KB)

Disability Living Allowance Reform
February 2011 (PDF 100KB)

Promoting Good Nutrition:
A Strategy for Good Nutritional Care for Adults in all Care Settings in Northern Ireland
February 2011 (PDF 177KB)

Draft Budget and Departmental Spending Plans 2011-15
February 2011 (PDF 105KB)

Northern Ireland Welfare Reform Group response to Welfare Reform White Paper
January 2011 (PDF 110KB)

Response to Call for Evidence on the Future Funding of Care and Support
January 2011 (PDF 134KB)

2010 Responses

Phasing out the Default Retirement Age
October 2010 (PDF 111KB)

Warmer Healthier Homes
September 2010 (PDF 137KB)

Improving Dementia Service in Northern Ireland - A Regional Strategy
September 2010 (PDF 178KB)

Policing and Community Safety
June 2010 (PDF 122KB)

Affordability Concerns for Vulnerable Energy Consumers
April 2010 (PDF 170KB)

Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland
March 2010 (PDF 146KB)

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