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This project was carried out by Age NI on behalf of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS).

The aim of this project was to meaningfully engage with nursing home residents (and their carers where appropriate), to ascertain their views on their care and the home, and their positive and negative experiences in the setting to produce a balanced summary of the findings. Overall findings and emerging themes from the engagement would be used to make recommendations for the proposed revised minimum standards in care homes.

The objectives were as follows:

  • To design a method of engagement using Age NI trained peer facilitators and art therapists to directly engage with residents who are currently in nursing care homes and those who previously spent time in a nursing home.
  • To secure the support of 15 private and voluntary nursing homes to facilitate engagement.
  • To engage with carers on their experiences.
  • To draft a report to agreed standards on the findings and make recommendations for inclusion in the draft nursing home minimum standards.

Age NI is a trusted brand among older people. As a result, we were uniquely positioned to undertake this project in light of our relationships and infrastructure that works with older people through our existing provision of products and services. Furthermore, the programme is a unique offering in Northern Ireland, offering as it does a ‘peer led’ engagement experience, where teams of trained older people are responsible for leading discussion and engagement with groups of their peers. The project was led by the Project Manager at Age NI, and delivered by the team of Age NI peer facilitators.

Download and read the Age NI report (PDF 850KB)

Read about the DHSSPS consultation and provide a response

The closing date for responses is Thursday 23 October 2014 at 5pm.

Age NI would like to acknowledge the contribution of the 124 older people in nursing homes across the 5 Health Trusts in Northern Ireland to this project. Without their openness and honesty, this work could not have taken place.

For more information: Age NI 028 9024 5729

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