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Disabled parking bays

If you are a disabled driver and have difficulty parking close to your home, your local council may provide you with a parking bay outside or near your home.

In most cases the bays are provided on an advisory basis, meaning they're not enforceable by the police and therefore rely on the goodwill of other drivers not to park in the bay. This also means that the bays are intended for any disabled badge holder to use – not just the applicant.

Some local councils may decide to provide disabled bays using a traffic regulation order. This would make it legally enforceable and a vehicle found parked in a bay without a badge would be subject to police enforcement action. These bays are also usually available for any disabled badge holder not just the applicant.

Eligibility criteria for applying for a disabled parking bay vary between different councils: some require that you hold a Blue Badge, others that you are receive the higher rate mobility component of DLA.

Considerations before granting a disabled parking bay

Following the application, an investigating officer will assess the site and consult with neighbours before making a decision.

The cost the bay varies from council to council - some provide them free of charge and others impose a charge ranging from £10 upwards.

Further information

For more information: Call Age NI Advice: 0808 808 7575

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