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Making the decision to stop driving

It can be difficult to accept, but if you think your driving ability has deteriorated or your reactions aren’t as sharp as they used to be, it might be a good idea to consider stopping - you may be putting yourself in danger, as well as pedestrians, your passengers and other drivers.

If your friends, relatives or partner think you should stop driving, ask them to explain why, and try to put your feelings aside. Remember they’re likely to have your best interests at heart.

You could also get a second opinion from someone you trust: consult your GP, or have an objective assessment of your driving skills.

If you’re considering giving up driving, you may be concerned about the costs of using public transport, especially if you don’t qualify for any concessions.

But try adding up the amount you spend on car tax, insurance, maintenance and petrol in a year – you might find that using the alternatives works out the same as, or less expensive than, running a car.

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Further information

For more information: Call Age NI Advice: 0808 808 7575

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