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Over 300 properties and events will be open free of charge during the weekend of 10-11 September, a number of which are not normally open to the public. It is a great chance to see behind closed doors and experience the full wealth of our historic environment.

This is the 19th year that Northern Ireland has taken part in European Heritage Days which has now expanded to 53 countries and regions across Europe. The event, which is organised by the Council of Europe, is held from late August to the end of September; so go and explore if you are planning to travel around Europe this summer.

The Open Days are a great success due to the efforts of a wide range of communities which help deliver a largely volunteer led programme. This involves strong partnerships with a range of organisations such as Tourism NI, Libraries NI and other government and voluntary bodies and individuals.

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For more information: Tourism NI 028 9023 1221

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