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Reminiscence is the act or process of recalling and sharing one's memories. It can have a powerful impact on older people and especially those living with Dementia.

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  • What is Reminiscence?

    Reminiscence involves the process or practice of thinking or talking about past experience.
  • Reminiscence Facilitators

    Find our about the Reminiscence Facilitators, who are available to support reminiscence work.
  • Past projects

    View four of the past projects by the Reminiscence Facilitators.
  • Reminiscence Network NI

    The Reminiscence Network Northern Ireland was founded in 1998, by Professor Faith Gibson, and continued until August 2017.


Best Practice Manual

This best practice manual provides guidance for Creative Reminiscence and Life Story Work, based on the experience of the Reminiscence Facilitators work in Northern Ireland.

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