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Go ON UK are a small charity with a big aim: making the UK the world’s most digitally skilled nation

Imagine your life without the web. Quite tough, right? Well, for 9.5 million UK adults and 1.58 million small businesses and charities*, this is a reality.

They don’t have the Basic Online Skills to explore the internet’s vast and varied opportunities. That means no emails to friends and family, no search and no sharing personal info online – such as applying for jobs, booking tickets, or Twitter.

The UK's businesses and charities need help too. Only half of small businesses and charities have a website and of those who do, only 1 in 5 allow customers to purchase goods/services or donate online.

Go ON UK is the UK’s Digital Skills Alliance. They're inspiring and supporting people and organisations that want to share their digital skills with others.


Live in ‘beta’, is a brand new site stuffed with top tools, resources, info, advice and ideas to help everyone get connected.

For more information: Call Age NI Advice: 0808 808 7575

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