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Could this service help you?

  • do you feel you aren't being listened to when you go to appointments?
  • do you feel anxious and/or confused about your condition and treatment options?
  • would you like someone to support you to express your wishes?
  • do you feel that you don't know what support is available to you?
  • are you finding it difficult to cope on your own? 

Advocacy: how we can help
Helps you say what you want , represent your opinions and access the services you need to help you love later life!

Our advocates will:

  • listen to you and spend time getting to know you and your needs so that you are in a good position to help you express your views in managing your health condition.
  • help ensure that you feel in control of your condition and receive the assistance and support you require to help you live your life on your terms.
  • support you to gather information, giving you the opportunity to make an informed choice from all of the options available to you.
  • be independent from other people in your life, such as your family, care manager or health worker.

Our advocates will not:

  • reveal information about you or your condition without your consent. Your Advocate will only act with your agreement.
  • offer advice, opinions or judgements about what is best for you, or persuade you to follow a particular course of action.

  • breach confidentiality, unless you or someone else's safety is at risk.

To receive this service:

  • over 50
  • living in Northumberland
  • affected by a long term condition

Our service is free, independent, confidential and non-judgemental

Are you living with a long term condition?

Our specially designed exercises will help to improve muscle strength, endurance, breathing, flexibility, balance and ultimately help you better manage your health condition.