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Did you know that one in four people in the UK aged 55-64 are physically inactive, meaning they do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week? This can lead to all sorts of long-term health problems and even life-threatening conditions.

Our Age Healthy campaign is aimed at helping those over 50 be healthy and active - both physically and mentally – and raise awareness of how this helps us to age better.

As we age, we can be become less active, and this can lead to an increased risk of many diseases and conditions that affect us in later life such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, stroke and some types of cancer, as well as mental health problems.

But being physically active physically active and socially connected can help to prevent these problems, and can extend the number of years we spend living in good health - maximising our enjoyment of later life with friends and loved ones.

Small Changes. Big Difference.

We understand that it can be difficult to get yourself moving again and out with others. Sometimes it can be intimidating and scary – especially if you’ve been inactive and away from people for a while.

The key is to start small and to find something that works for you – and we’re here to help.

  • We can support people out of poverty and through conditions that affect their health and their future
  • We offer organised groups and activities to help people stay active and healthy
  • We are connecting older people in a city who experience loneliness and isolation
  • We are giving those living with dementia help to live full and active lives
  • We are creating awareness and opportunities for those wanting to improve their health and wellbeing

Find out more about what our Age Healthy Campaign is all about and visit our campaign website

Age Healthy Campaign

Find our more about the campaign, how we can help and what you can do have a healthy later life