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If it’s difficult to do the things you used to, we can help you understand the different ways you can make life a little easier. There are lots of options that will help you look after yourself or a loved one.

Call us today on 01603 496333

Our friendly team are here to offer you free, confidential support. Please call between 10.00 am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, and ask for Information and Advice

Looking after yourself

We are a great believer that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and keeping yourself active, engaged and healthy is a key part of living well at any age. We offer a wide range of activities across Norwich where you can learn new skills, socialise with new people or keep your body and mind active.  View our activity groups and get involved - you’ll love every minute!   

Check your entitlement

If you have a disability, medical condition or care for someone, we will check you are receiving all the income you should be, or any discounts or savings you may be eligible for. We will help you fill in any paperwork or apply online and monitor your case until we know the outcome.

Adapting the home

Our house is our home, but sometimes our health can mean the nuances you loved when you first moved-in are now daily chores you find challenging. We can help you understand the options you have to make adjustments in your home, to make life a little easier. This could be from changing the way you use different rooms, structural changes, or introducing technology-aids to make day-to-day task a little easier – all helping you stay in the home you love for as long as possible.

Downsizing / moving home

No one likes to leave their “forever home”,  but for many older people,  this is a positive step to move to a house that is suitable to their day-to-day needs, and maybe unlocking some income to help with finances or care. Our Later Life Planning Service offers support to help plan big changes and the practical support to find people to help you declutter, move, switch bills and suppliers. Chat to us to see how we can help.  


Being able to get out-and-about helps you stay connected and able to enjoy what you want to do. We can help you understand the range of devices that may provide you additional support, such as walking aids, e-bikes, mobility scooters and specialists local to you that you can speak to.    

Care Support

We’ve got lots of experience helping people understand the different options of care. Many people think residential care is their only option, but we can help you find the right solution for the help you need and check your entitlement to any financial support.  We will give you information of organisations in your local area who can offer services to you.

Find information online

Speak to our care specialists at Marion Day Centre to get the help you need to make life a little easier.

Our Marion Day Centre provides a comfortable, welcoming place where we offer tailored care support, fun and entertainment, friendship, a nutritious meal and transport from your door to the centre and back.  Take advantage of our FREE taster day now by calling 01603 667944 or email