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Since the government lockdown response for Covid-19, we have received a lot of calls as people are unable to do things as they would normally. We will be sharing the common questions and our guidance on a daily basis, published here on our website and our social media.

If you have a question, you can post this online via Facebook, or drop us an e-mail at

New coronavirus guidance

Following reports of a new strain of coronavirus in the UK known as Omicron, the Government has announced some changes to rules as a precaution while scientists gathers more information.

Coronavirus booster jabs

The Government has announced that all adults aged 50 and over will be offered a booster jab to help protect them against coronavirus.

Issue 1 - Prescriptions

Issue 2 - Dental Emergencies

Issue 3 - Moving Home

Issue 4 - Medical Appointments

Issue 5 - Coronavirus scams

Issue 6 - Attendance Allowance

Issue 7 - Dog Walking

Issue 8 - TV Licences

Issue 10 - Shopping

Issue 11 - Funeral arrangements

Issue 12 -  Bus Journeys

Issue 13 - Wellbeing

Issue 14 - Driving Licence Renewal

Issue 15 -  Covid Alert Level 4

Issue 16 - Hands, Face, Space

Issue 17 - Hand Washing

Issue 18 - How to wear a mask safely

Issue 19 - What should my mask be made of?

Issue 20 - When is it okay not to wear a mask or face covering?

Issue 21 - Keeping Safe at Christmas

Issue 22 - Covid-19 Vaccine