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In today’s society, where people are in general living longer into old age, the challenges of care for older people are increasingly apparent. For some, longer life expectancy does not necessarily mean a longer healthy or comfortable existence, with their growing needs being a constant concern for families, local and central governments and communities as a whole.

Age UK Oldham is a local charity with the care and support of local older people at its heart. We deliver a range of services targeted specifically at the needs of local older people in the Oldham borough, ranging through traditional care, dementia, prevention, information and advice, socialisation, leisure and much more in between.

These services come at a cost and in challenging financial times we rely heavily on the goodwill of local people to provide support to our charity via our chain of charity shops and donations as well as funded partnership agreements based on service delivery.

Naturally the management of our assets, income generation and service delivery is a vitally important part of our charity business and we are fortunate to have excellent committed employees and volunteers.

One area of support, which is just as important but less obvious, is the provision of oversight and governance in the charity. Setting longer term strategies and monitoring current performance of the charity are amongst the responsibilities of our Board of Trustees. The current team are on the lookout for new members, having recently said farewell to a few colleagues who have moved on to pastures new.

Our aim is to attract local people to complement the skills and experience of the current Trustees and to provide a Board which reflects Oldham’s local community. We are looking for individuals with skills and experience that can help us across a range of challenges facing the charity. This would include income generation, finance, publicity, community needs and involvement, partnership working and understanding of older people’s needs.

We are open to approaches of interest from anyone who considers themselves up for a new challenge! Whatever your employment status, if you have the time, skillset and commitment you’d like to use for a good cause, we’d like to hear from you.

For our part we are looking for a commitment to our charity aims, involvement for a reasonable length of time and regular attendance at Board meetings, which are held locally in the evening, 10-12 times a year.

If you are interested you can find out more about the work of Age UK Oldham by having a look through this website.

If you’d potentially like to join us, please provide us with a brief CV indicating your qualifications and experience and your reasons for wanting to be part of our Board.

Send it to the Chief Executive, Age UK Oldham, 10 Church Lane, Oldham OL1 3AN

If you would like to speak directly to a board member to get to know more about the role from somebody in the know, Clint Elliot is available on 07778160008 or Alex Boyd on 07802791050 or at