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Get moving with Generation Games

Generation Games

With a fresh new year often come resolutions that can spur us on to be healthier and fitter. We all know we should be taking more exercise; and there is plenty of good reason to do so. It can reduce your risk of Diabetes by 30% and reduce your risk of Breast cancer by 24%; and who would not want to feel happier, healthier and more energized as a welcome side-effect?

Exercise often provides the perfect opportunity to have fun and socialise too, so why not get in your guideline amount of physical activity while meeting up with friends and making new ones.

Getting moving

Here are Generation Games’ top five exercise tips for getting started:


  1. Doing a little bit of exercise is better than doing no exercise at all. Be proud of yourself every time you do exercise. Even walking counts!
  2. Aim for a mix of exercise that gets you a little out of breath, as well as strength and balance training.
  3. Stay motivated by tracking your progress and improvement. Keep a diary of your exercise so that you can see how much you are improving by. Are you cycling a bit further than last time? Are you doing two rather than one exercise class per week? 
  4. Do something you enjoy. If you enjoy music, then why not try a dance-based class? If you prefer socialising outdoors, then how about a walking group? Or if  you prefer a calmer approach, then why not give Tai Chi a go? It has been proven that we are far more likely to stick with exercise if we enjoy it.
  5. Encourage a friend to join you. Not only will you both be doing something beneficial for your health, but peer support can be instrumental in sustaining regular physical activity.


Functional Fitness MOTs

Generation Games is offering free practical fitness tests called ‘Functional Fitness MOTs’, that check flexibility, strength, balance and aerobic fitness – skills that are essential for remaining healthy and independent in later life.

Our next Functional Fitness MOTs’ are taking place at the Age UK Oxfordshire resource centre in Abingdon on Monday 1st February.  Please contact us on 01235 849403 to book your place, sessions are 30 minutes.



Free taster sessions

We are holding two free exercise taster sessions at the Age UK Oxfordshire Resource Centre in Abingdon. Pop by for the opportunity to give a new activity a try:


Monday 18th January, 10.30am

Chair-based exercise taster session


Monday 1st February, 10.30am

Zumba Gold (seated) taster session


For more information about any of the above events and any other upcoming events, please call the Generation Games team on 01235 849403 or email



Generation Games online

Generation Games has a brand new website, where you can find out which sessions are on near you that you might enjoy, get a personalised recommendation of what activity might suit you, log your own personal activity, earn points and receive rewards.


> Visit the Generation Games website and sign up today