Dignity in Care Awards 2017

The Dignity in Care Awards 2017 give you the opportunity to recognise care workers and teams for the care and support that they provide to you, a friend, partner or relative. It's a great way to make people who have cared for you feel good and it will also help to inspire others.



Deadline for nominations has been extended to Thursday 12th October 2017.

About the Awards:

We are looking for nominations of organisations, businesses, care settings, public services, paid staff and volunteers who have gone that extra mile to deliver real dignity in care. We want to know about health and social care services anywhere in Oxfordshire, and we want to know about services for everyone - whatever age they are.

This year we are broadening out the award categories to include an ‘Inspiration Award’ which is for an organisation or business which goes out of its way to deliver care to its service users and customers. It might be an organisation that would not traditionally be associated with a care giving role, yet makes people in its community feel supported in their day to day life

Click here to read our Nomination Guidelines:Nomination Guidelines

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*If you are having any trouble accessing the nomination form please get in touch with dignityincare@ageukoxfordshire.uk or ring 07827 235 405.


Award Categories:

1.    Leadership in dignity in care

We want to hear about someone who leads a care team or a care service, who has shown a strong personal commitment to the dignity and respect with which the users of their service are treated. This will be someone with management or supervisory responsibility, who has led from the front in the way they see and respond to the person as an individual and a human being. It may also be that they are special because they are known to treat staff in their team with the same dignity they expect for those who receive care and support.

2.    Award for a care or support setting or service

 We want to hear about a place or service where care or support is given where there is a really strong emphasis on dignity – from clear communication to basic care to treating people as human beings. This could be a care home, or an acute or community hospital ward, some form of special housing where care is given such as ‘Extra care’, someone’s home where an agency is particularly good at making the person feel valued, or in the community where people are supported. This award should be about how the whole place feels and how people typically behave.

3.     Award for care or support staff

We want to hear about staff who go the extra mile in making someone feel they have dignity and ensure they are treated with care and compassion. We are looking to hear about dedication and commitment, and above all about caring for the person with kindness and respect, finding time to support them even though they are busy.

4.     Compassionate communicator

We want to hear about staff who go the extra mile in making someone feel they have dignity and to ensure they are treated with care and compassion.

5.    Inspiration Award

An organisation or business that inspires others with its high standards of care and compassion, e.g. a hair dressers, a local library that goes out of its way to assist individuals who need extra support in their daily life.

6.    An unpaid carer or a volunteer worker

We want to hear about people who are the soul of care, and who give their time, energy and skill to ensure that the person being cared for has a better experience of care and support and feels that they matter. This individual could come from any setting in which care takes place, from care home, to home, to hospital ward.

7.    Josie’s award’

Josie Smith was a remarkable force for good in the lives of people around her, and especially in the lives of people who needed care and support: an unstoppable influence for the better. This award is for an individual who resembles some of Josie’s characteristics – of intelligence and understanding, passionate commitment to better care, championship of unpopular or unknown causes, tenacity, energy and determination, and the long haul of campaigning. We want to celebrate an individual of any kind who in some way is making an exceptional difference to dignity in care in Oxfordshire.


How to nominate:

1.   Choose the category for which you want to make a nomination

2.   You can make a postal nomination using the leaflet, or you can complete a nomination form online by clicking HERE

3.   Complete the nomination form and attach a statement saying why your nominee should be considered. All candidates will be shortlisted from your submission so please tell us as much as you can.

4.   On your completed form please include the contact details of an independent person who supports your statement and nomination.

5.   Attach your completed nomination form to all other separate pieces of supporting information and post to Age UK Oxfordshire at the address listed overleaf or email to dignityincare@ageukoxfordshire.org.uk

6.   The closing date for nominations is Monday 2nd October 2017.

The awards are supported by the Oxford Mail, Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers and Action For Carers Oxfordshire.