A Homesharer is someone who is looking for somewhere affordable to live in Oxford city and likes the idea of sharing a home with another person. They may:

  • be a key worker or a postgraduate student
  • be struggling to afford to rent in Oxford

They should also be willing to provide up to 10 hours of help around the home including some companionship.

How much does it cost?

We want to run Homeshare as a sustainable affordable scheme, so there are some costs involved:

  • an application fee paid with the Application Form (£25 for Homesharers)
  • a match fee - paid on successful completion of a match (£70)

Applicants will need to pay an additional fee for their DBS checks. We can DBS check potential Homesharers who will have to pay an admin charge of £5.

Each month the Homesharer pays a contribution to living costs (CLC) of £320:

  • 60%  (£192) goes to the Householder as a Use and Occupation Charge (UAO Charge) to go towards the extra costs of having a sharer
  • 40% (£128) goes to the Homeshare Oxford Scheme - this monthly fee supports the Homeshare Scheme going forward and enables the continued support of the match

(These amounts may change)


To find out all you need to know about being a Homesharer, please see our Homesharer Information Handbook.

Download the Homesharer Information Handbook (PDF 730KB)

Telephone: 01865 410670
Email: homeshare@ageukoxfordshire.org.uk

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