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Blind and sighted travellers

Blind and sighted travellers

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Sharing what they see with visually impaired fellow travellers, sighted 'guides' quite literally open their eyes.

When paired up with sighted fellow travellers, visually impaired travellers gain insights from their 'partner'. Explore the world and enjoy it through 'shared' eyes.


This is a perfect ‘match’: sighted travellers accompanying visually impaired travellers on an escorted small group holiday.

Sighted members of the group share the world as seen through their eyes, and immerse themselves in the travel experience fully, partnering a new person each day, so there’s a well bonded group quickly. There’s ‘guiding’ information and the opportunity for ‘guides’ to travel at a reduced price, up to 50% discount. There’s a tour manager to handle logistics and potential issues, so everyone can get the most from the trip. The groups consist of solos, couples and friends. For many sighted travellers, this is a new experience and one they thoroughly enjoy.

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