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Our Home from Hospital Service is designed to assist hospital discharge and enable you to regain skills and confidence at home following an accident, illness or stay in hospital.

The service uses trained workers to:

  • Ensure a comfortable safe discharge from hospital
  • Ensure that immediate and short term needs are met
  • Provide a single point of contact should you encounter problems in the immediate post discharge period
  • Build confidence

What is the Home from Hospital Service?

The service aims to provide a safe and quick way home for patients being discharged from King George or Whipps Cross hospitals who may need some support when they get home. We hope that by providing this help at the time of discharge, people who use this service will feel more confident about returning to their homes and therefore less likely to have to go back into hospital.

What people say about this service:

'It made me feel secure to know that others, besides my family, cared for me.'

'I was dreading the thought of returning to an empty house. I was so relieved to know that I was being escorted and  that someone would help me get settled. They took all the worry away.'

What can you do to help me?

Once you are at home we can do a number of things that will help you to settle and feel comfortable.

We can:

  • Shop for essentials
  • Notify friends and family that you are home
  • Refer you to other services that might be beneficial to you including our other services and other agencies
  • Make sure that your house is safe and that all essentials (heating, lighting, water etc.) are working

To qualify for a free service you must be a Redbridge resident over the age of 60 and have been an in-patient in a local hospital. You must be able to get in and out of a car with minimal help. We can provide this service in Havering and Barking & Dagenham to clients who pay for the service, subject to availability of staff.

 Age UK Redbridge, Barking & Havering staff regularly visit the relevant wards at King George and Whipps Cross hospitals to let people know about the service and also receive referrals from Nurses, Social Workers and Occupational Therapists. You can access the service yourself from hospital by calling Agatha on: 07903 102511 . Alternatively you can contact Kelly at the office on: 020 8220 6000