Age UK Salford is an independent local charity, established almost 40 years ago. We exist to improve later life for all older people in Salford, through the provision of support, advocacy and direct services.

Our strategic aims

  • To improve the health and wellbeing of older people and their carers through the provision of high quality direct services and support, and by reaching out to the most excluded.
  • To seek out, inform and promote the views of older people and carers in Salford and to work in partnership with others to ensure their voices are heard.
  • To represent the stated needs and wishes of all older citizens by inspiring and supporting, and by seeking to influence locally and nationally.
  • To see ourselves and be seen as professional, authoritative, trusted and influential. Collaborating with others as a valued partner to achieve a step change in attitudes, service planning and delivery of older people.
  • To ensure all our activities maximise the organisation’s resources and  potential, value equality, champion volunteering and its benefits and reflect the diversity of our communities.
  • To embrace new technologies and strategies to market ourselves innovatively in order to raise awareness of our work and of its benefits to older people and to expand opportunities for income generation, fundraising and trading.

Comments from the Chief Executive

To quote the Charity Commission, 'charities operate for many different purposes but share a common desire to do the best for their beneficiaries. To do this, it’s vital that trustees keep asking the questions. What have we achieved and what can we do to improve? Having clear goals against which to measure performance, being well run, making the most of resources and being open and accountable, are key...'

Much has been achieved by Age UK Salford in almost 40 years of work in the city, and in recent years innovation, partnerships and empowerment have been fruitful areas for development. Now however, we are in a time of recession. Public spending cuts, crises of confidence in banking and finance and reforms to health and social care structures impact on us all.

In addition to the questions above, trustees of Age UK Salford ask 'how are we to ensure that essential services continue?', 'how do we decide what is essential and must  be protected?', 'how do we ride out the next few years?' and 'how are we to generate additional income and  to cut expenditure?'.

It is painful to contemplate the loss of services and support for older people that have taken years to develop, but funding streams have ended and not been replaced, money that was ring fenced for support for specific  groups of people has gone into general funds and then there are cuts – cuts this year, next year, perhaps even  beyond – no light to be seen at the end of the tunnel as yet.

Charities have a history of innovation, and a reputation for looking imaginatively at different ways of doing things, and learning from, and sharing with, others. We hope and intend that in a world of tendering, direct payments, increasing risk and uncertainty that through the efforts of trustees, volunteers and staff and the relationships and support of older people and partners in the city, their resilience and determination will sustain the charity so that we can continue to improve the effectiveness of our work for the public benefit, and to emerge successfully into the future.

Dave Haynes, Chief Executive

Comments from the Chair

Having been involved with Age UK Salford for several I have never known times to be so challenging and for everyone involved. Our Chief Executive sums up  in a nutshell when he writes, 'it is painful to contemplate loss of services.

I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff whose professionalism and concern for the people of Salford has been nothing short of amazing, particularly considering the pressures they have been under, and the difficult decisions they have had to make in order to continue to provide a supportive service within diminishing resources. I never cease to be grateful that we have such a wonderful team working on all our behalf.

Any organisation is only ever as good as its staff. But we have the added bonus of our volunteers who give their precious time so generously and so cheerfully whatever they do. We would be a much lesser organisation without them. So thank you to all of you who give so much without reward, we are glad you’re there!

Eve Murphy - Chairman