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The Big Knit

23 August 2017

On behalf of Age UK, I would like to say a huge thank you for taking part in the Big Knit for July 2017. We are on the lookout for stories that we can share on social media about how the funds that you receive through the Big Knit benefit older people. If you have any service users that would be happy to say a few words about a lunch club or winter warmth activity that they have attended as a result of the Big Knit we’d love to hear from you! Thanks again for all your help.

For every behatted smoothie that gets sold, Age UK will receive 25p to help older people during the cold winter months.


How you can get involved

Whether you’re new to casting on or already know your garter from your stocking stitch, it's easy to get started. You’ll also be part of the huge knitting team helping us to reach such a monumental target for a great cause.

1. Be prepared.

Get yourself some needles, wool and your favourite chair (train carriages and cafes also work well) and get knitting! 

2. Send us your hatsInnocent bottle with knitted hat

Package up your lovely hats and get them to us.

The smoothie bottles don’t go on sale until October 2017 you can keep sending hats in throughout the summer to help reach the bumper target.

Please send your hats to us at:

Pure Office 49, Broadwell Road, Oldbury, B69 4BY.

3. Sharing is caring

Show everyone how great your hats are by posting pictures of them online using #BigKnit


What happens next?

Look out for the hats on smoothie bottles in shops in October 2017. 


How the Big Knit helps older people

Each winter, one older person dies needlessly every seven minutes because of the cold. With over a decade of support from knitters up and down the country, The Big Knit has raised vital funds to support local and national winter projects to help older people keep warm and well in winter through befriending visits, emergency cold weather support, warm meals and other vital services.

The Big Knit is a great way to bring people and communities together. Knitting groups have been held up and down the country for people to get involved, share patterns and have a cup of tea or two!

‘The Big Knit campaign couldn't happen without the support of thousands of amazing people across the UK who take part and knit woolly hats to adorn innocent smoothies each year.’

Douglas Lamont, CEO at innocent

If you have any questions or want to find out more information, please contact us at: email: and/or phone 0121 314 4526.

If you have hats but cannot get them to us, no problem as Shirley will come out and collect them.

Thank you once again for supporting the project.