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Age Scotland is active across many devolved policy areas affecting older people, including health and social care and housing, and also in reserved policies such as income and benefits, poverty and age discrimination.  View the video to find out about one of the ways in which we are making sure our decision makers are in touch with the experiences, views and needs of older people.  

About Age Scotland's policy work

The Charity develops its policy priorities through speaking directly to older people, conducting regular research, analysing the impact of local, Scottish and national government policies on older people, and by working in partnership with other organisations that support older people.

Age Scotland communicates regularly with politicians and decision makers across Scotland, the rest of the UK and Europe to influence the development and implementation of policies and services that have an impact on older people, age and ageing.  It achieves this by writing and distributing its own policy briefings on the issues, attending conferences and seminars to promote the interests and concerns of older people, responding to national and local policy consultations and meeting with politicians and other decision makers to influence their thinking.

If you would like to speak to someone about policy, parliamentary or public affairs, please contact us

If you have a press enquiry, please contact the Age Scotland Communication Team


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