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Transforming the way we deliver our public services is one of the greatest challenges we face as a country both economically and socially. And given the restraint we are now seeing on public sector spending, we need new models that can deliver high quality public services and ensure value for money for the taxpayer.

Delivering better outcomes with reduced public expenditure requires public services that are: built around the needs of communities; aim to address the cause of the problem; and optimise the use of all our resources – in particular the full participation of public service employees, communities and citizens.

Third Sector organisations and service users should play a key role in the design and delivery of services. Their independence from Government allows them to be much more innovative in how they deliver services and, coupled with public benefit ethos, leads to a higher quality and better value service and they are already providing high quality, innovative services in many public service markets including social housing, transport, health promotion and community care. 

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