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As Scotland’s national charity representing the interests of older people, it’s important to partner with organisations where there’s a natural “fit” in terms of ethos and vision.  In the spirit of reciprocity, we’ve developed a number of partnerships and collaborations and are keen to forge more and work with others.

Naturally, we’d like to encourage support with fundraising from businesses in the form of corporate social responsibility, being ‘adopted’ as your charity of the year (which might include challenge events and staff volunteering) and receiving corporate donations and/or pro-bono support.

If you’d prefer to go deeper, with a reciprocal partnership, there’s a ‘wish list’ of possibilities from which you might create a bespoke package to suit your needs – provided, of course, we have a shared purpose and there’s a natural “fit”.

To discuss corporate support or explore collaborations, please call Sarah Randell in the first instance, on 0333 32 32 400.

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