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Age Scotland is dedicated to improving the lives of older people in Scotland. Our vision is a Scotland where all older People are valued, respected and are able to participate in a society as active and equal citizens, where ageing alone is not a barrier to fulfilling an enjoyable later life.

The realisation of this vision will be where all Older People's groups in Scotland are able to join us and contribute to the overall strength of older people in Scotland.

Many local Older People's groups do not have the resources or capacity to support the aspirations of their members, or to enable older people's voices to be heard. The infrastructure supporting the older people's movement in Scotland is also very underdeveloped and underfunded.

As a result of both of these factors, older people collectively, through the organisations representing them, often do not exercise the influence they could or achieve many of their aspirations for later life. We envisage devoting more of our resources and the time of our staff to support the development of strong and vibrant local older people's groups.

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