Dental care

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Dentists can choose whether to work privately or to have a contract with the Health Board, where they see patients under the NHS.

Dentists work in three ways in the NHS in Scotland: General dental practitioners, to whom most people go for check-ups and treatment. They are also known as family dentists, or just dentists. Dental departments in hospitals, where patients may be referred for specialist treatment by their GP or family dentist and specialist dental hospitals and dental schools.

You can change your dentist at any time.

Choosing an NHS dentist

Health Boards maintain lists of dentists in their area who do NHS work. This dental list is available at the offices of your Health Board and may also be found in libraries and offices. The dental list will tell you the names of dentists, qualifications, the address of surgery, surgery times and any other information on languages spoken, wheelchair access etc.

Home visits from the dentist

If you have been accepted for treatment and your condition makes it impossible for you to get to the dental surgery, your dentist must visit you at home, provided this is not more than five miles from the surgery. There is no charge for this. If you find it hard to leave your house and cannot find a dentist to accept you as a patient contact your NHS Health Board.

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