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Relationships and family

  • Being a grandparent

    Becoming a grandparent can offer the best of both worlds – all the love and fun, without the ultimate responsibility for raising the kids. Yet it can also trigger a minefield of emotions.
  • Sexual health and wellbeing

    There is a common misconception that sex is strictly for the under 50’s and that your sex drive disappears as you get older.Sexual intimacy can provide excitement, warmth and closeness and it’s good for your health.
  • Older lesbian, gay and bisexual

    The considerations when planning for later life are very similar whether you are gay or heterosexual. However‚ there are some things that might need to be approached differently.
  • Bereavement

    When you are bereaved you have to cope with a world which seems to have fallen apart. In practical terms, your life may have changed dramatically.

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