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You are free to find a place in a care home yourself, if you can make your own arrangements and pay the fees.

When you need financial assistance from the local authority and they make arrangements for you to enter a home, you also have the right to choose the home you go to - with certain restrictions.

The social work department of the local authority should tell you what arrangements it will make according to its assessment of your care needs. It should also give you information about homes on its 'preferred list' of providers (if it has one), and about other homes in your area; and should tell you that you can enter the home of your choice anywhere in Scotland, and in England and Wales by special arrangements.

If you choose a home (your 'preferred accommodation') which is different from the home which the local authority suggests, then the local authority can make an arrangement for you to enter that home provided:

  • It appears to the local authority to be suitable for your assessed needs
  • It is available - ie the home has a vacancy, or is open
  • The cost of the local authority is not more than it would normally expect to pay for someone with your assessed needs; 
  • The provider of the accommodation and the local authority agree to entre into a contract for your place, subject to the local authority's usual terms and conditions for such care.

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For more information: Call the Age Scotland Helpline on 0800 12 44 222

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