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Most people will be expected to pay towards the cost of their accommodation in a care home by using some of their income and capital. However, there are a number of public bodies that may have a duty to pay towards the cost of care home places.

In order to receive any financial assistance that may be available to you from your local authority or NHS Health Board, a 'care assessment' of your needs must be carried out first, usually by a social worker from the local social work department of the local authority.

There are also Free Personal and Nursing care payments available towards the cost of care, depending on the type of care you need, and depending on your age.  You may also be entitled to claim for some benefits towards your cost of care.

Paying for care if you have a partner

Being part of a couple can affect a care home resident’s eligibility for assistance with care home fees and both partners’ eligibility for welfare benefits during the period in care. To discuss your situation, call the Age Scotland helpl;ine on 0800 12 44 222.

Useful Resources

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For more information: Call the Age Scotland Helpline on 0800 12 44 222

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