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Challenging a benefit decision

Challenging a benefit decision

If you have applied for a benefit and are not happy with the decision, it is often possible to challenge it.

Perhaps you think the decision maker hasn't taken all of your circumstances into account, and has turned your application down incorrectly. Or maybe you have been awarded a benefit, but it is not at the rate you expected. 

There are a number of different organisations that deal with benefits, including Social Security Scotland, the Department for Work and Pensions and your local council. How you challenge the decision depends on which benefit it is, which organisation deals with it and how long ago the decision was made.

Our Challenging a Benefit Decision guide takes you through the process in detail, explaining the steps you need to take for each type of benefit, the terminology used by the different organisations and the support available to you. 

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Free benefits workshops

Every year, millions of pounds of benefits go unclaimed by older people in Scotland. We want to change that.

Our benefit workshops aim to lift the lid on the benefit system, making it easier for older people, and those who support them, to claim the money they are entitled to. 

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Last updated: Mar 08 2023

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