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Many older people in Scotland do not receive the benefits they are entitled to – including 1/3 of the people who are entitled to Pension Credit because they have a low income.

The system of benefits, allowances, tax credits and assistance is complicated: benefits can be administered by the Department for Work and pensions, HMRC or your local council and they may be means tested, or depend on whether you have health problems or a disability, are a carer or have served in the Armed Forces.

A benefit check from one of our friendly and expert helpline advisers can help you to make sure that you are not missing out. The adviser can answer any questions you have, and will use a specialist computer program to work out what you may be entitled to. The benefit check is free and confidential; we won’t give your information to anyone else. 

To find out more about benefit checks including what information we will need from you, read our Benefits and social security: check your entitlements guide below.

Benefit checks and social security: check your entitlements guide

State Pension age is changing. It used to be 60 for a woman and 65 for a man, but is currently 66 years for both men and women, rising to 67 by 2028. You can check your own State Pension age here. Some powers over benefits are being devolved to Scotland; see the guide below or visit the Scottish Government website.

Age Scotland Benefits Maze

A free guide to claiming social security benefits and grants for older people in Scotland.

Benefit and Pension Changes

Read about the recent and future changes to benefits and social security in Scotland.

Age Scotland Benefits Guides

  • Council Tax Reduction

    Means-tested help for those on a low income with the costs of their Council Tax bill
  • Scottish Welfare Fund

    Means-tested grants to help in an emergency or to help you live in the community
  • Funeral Support Payment

    Help with funeral costs for low-income families.
  • State Pension

    Based on the National Insurance contributions you have paid or been credited with
  • Pension Credit

    Means-tested help to top up your income if you have reached State Pension age, have a low income and little savings
  • Attendance Allowance

    For those who have reached State Pension age and have a physical or mental disability which means that they need help with personal care or supervision
  • Carer's Allowance

    For those looking after someone who receives Attendance Allowance or a similar benefit
  • Universal Credit

    Means-tested help to top up your income if you are under State Pension age, have a low income and little savings

The Age Scotland Helpline

Call our helpline on 0800 12 44 222 for free to speak to an adviser. Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

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