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Blog: This Big Knit

Published on 05 May 2021 09:03 AM

The 2021 Age Scotland Big Knit campaign is well under way.

The campaign sees knitters over the length and breadth of Scotland knit tiny little woollen hats to adorn innocent smoothie bottles. For every little hat knitted innocent donate 0.25p which goes towards supporting our vital work of reducing loneliness and isolation in older people.

Lots of knitters have told us the calmness and mindfulness that knitting gives them has helped during what has been a difficult year for all. For many, knitting the little woollen hats has given a sense of purpose at a time where people have spent more time than ever before at home.

Emma Irving, Manager of one of the Age Scotland member groups Annan Day Centre who have knitted a whopping Hats 6,750 so far told us “we got involved so our members had something they could do to pass the time and focus on whilst supporting a great cause with a skill that they already have. It keeps them busy and out of trouble!”

Another one of our wonderful knitters Lynn Doherty tells us below how she got involved in the Big Knit campaign and shared with us some of her favourite designs.

“I knitted some hats for the appeal last year and have been knitting hats since for this year's appeal too. To say I love doing them would be an understatement!! I've got about 40 of the bobble hats and about 30 of the novelty type ones. The novelty ones are so much fun to knit and some I have are: a cactus, a shark, a sheep and a toadstool.

"I’ve been knitting again for 2 years now. I was taught by my mum when I was about 7 or 8 but only started again when I was 39 (I’m now 41). I’ve always loved creating things and practice yoga and mindfulness which led me to knitting (the mindfulness not the yoga... probably a bit dangerous to combine them!).

"I saw a Facebook post in the summer of 2019 on my local wool shop Facebook page for the wee hats. I LOVED them. Being newish again to knitting they were a great small project to complete (I’m sure my first one took over 2 hours!). I started with the lovely bobble hats and plucked up the courage to start the novelty ones, which I love doing! They can bring huge challenges and help teach new knitting skills and techniques. P2tog was so hard when I did it the first time for the Lion!’’

Given the easing of lockdown restrictions, Lynn was able to take some of the hats a hill walk up Miekle Bin in the Campsies Hills. They were quite at home in their natural habitat, especially the Toadstool.

These wonderful little hats are not only a joy for knitters to knit, they have a huge impact on our charitable work. At a time where fundraising has been hit hard by the pandemic, it’s a great way for people get involved and raise funds.

Knitting just 20 little hats could fund a friendship call to a lonely older person in Scotland, that might be the only person they speak to that week. Getting a group of friends together and knitting 100 hats could fund 5 vital friendship calls.

Having received over 20,000 little hats to date the campaign is in full swing. But with a target of over 56,000 hats we are encouraging everyone to get involved.

Feeling inspired? You can join in with the Big Knit campaign in 3 simple steps. All you need to do is get yourself some materials, choose a pattern from our sample collections at www.age.scot/bigknit and get your knit on.

Once you have some finished designs send them to us at our Edinburgh office and we will take care of the rest.

Happy knitting!

The Big Knit is back!

Calling all knitters! You can help raise vital funds to tackle loneliness in Scotland by knitting little hats for innocent smoothie bottles.

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