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Published on 11 May 2017 12:30 AM

Age Scotland is today launching a report and survey that outlines the positive impact that the growing men’s shed movement is having on later life.  Men from sheds across Scotland have told their story for The Shed Effect.  The report demonstrates how men’s health and wellbeing has been lifted by getting involved in their local shed.  The Shed Effect and the results of our survey of shedders include the following quotes:

“When I feel like I need refreshed and lifted up, I know that twice a week my shed will be there waiting.”

“Was lost after retiring. Met new people, have a laugh and just integrate in the local community.”

“Meeting and making new friends is a great help at my age.”

“It has given me the incentive to get up and be involved in something else therefore my physical health has improved.”

“If I did not attend the shed it could be weeks before I spoke to anyone.”

Commenting on the report, Age Scotland Chief Executive Keith Robson said, “Men’s sheds can play a huge role in reducing loneliness and isolation and the stories from the shedders goes to prove just that.  Age Scotland has been delighted to support and enable the development of new shed across Scotland, doing our bit to help improve the lives of thousands of men.  We know that you can never underestimate the value in providing a space to allow people to come together and feel welcomed, and the stories of increased wellbeing demonstrate this.”

Age Scotland are launching this report at two events, one in Dunoon on the 9th of May and the other in Dundee on the 10th.  Shedders local to these areas have been invited to attend to hear the findings of the report but also to network and hear from other shedders about best practice in developing sheds.  

Download The Shed Effect

Download the Age Scotland's Men's Shed Health & Well-being survey

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