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Published on 02 May 2016 03:00 PM

Age Scotland’s policy team has been analysing the manifestos of the parties that currently have sitting MSPs, to give you our feedback on how each party has done in tackling the major issues our members and supporters tell us about.  

We have done a full analysis which you can download but for ease of reference, we have looked at each manifesto by four main criteria: Warm Homes, Loneliness & Isolation, Mental Health and Community Transport.  Please see below. A big tick means the policies implemented would make a big difference, a small tick means the policy is progress, but could go further.  

Commenting, our Chief Executive Brian Sloan said, “Age Scotland welcomes a number of policy commitments that all parties have made to make Scotland a place where all older people can love later life.  We are very pleased that both the SNP and Labour Party have made a commitment to develop and implement a national strategy to tackle loneliness and isolation.  

However, there is always more to be done to ensure that some of the most vulnerable people in society are not left isolated and alone.  Whilst a range of issues require further focus, the issue of community transport needs more attention to ensure that many of the services that rely on minibuses, day centres for example, are able to continue to function and provide the very needed support that keep older people living more fulfilled and independent lives.”

For more information: Contact our Policy Communications team on 0333 32 32 400