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lady phone

Many of our clients live alone and some rarely get visitors. They may feel vulnerable, lonely and worry that no one will notice if they take ill or are not up and about in the morning.

Our daily morning calls help tackle these issues by making sure they are up and well and provide a friendly chat to start the day.  We may be the only person they get to speak to all day.

How does it work?
You are given a set time to be called in the morning. If we are unable to get through, we will call again in 15 minutes. If we are still unable to get a reply, we will contact someone to check that everything is well. Each client gives us two named contacts for this purpose.

Who will call me?
You will receive calls from one of Age Scotland Orkney’s staff or one of our volunteers. Our volunteers are trained and adhere to Age Scotland policies regarding confidentiality, Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety.

How often will I get a phone call?
Many of our clients receive calls 365 days a year, although some choose to only receive them on certain days. We can agree on a routine that suits you.

Who can use this service?
Anyone who is a subscriber to Age Scotland Orkney can use this service.

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