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Reports and Research

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Through our research, we gather insight into older people’s experiences to provide evidence-based information and recommendations to politicians and others about how their work could improve the lives of older people.

You can browse our recent reports and research using the links below.

If you are looking for information on a particular issue, please contact us to see if we can help (

The Big Survey 2023

Our national survey of more than 4,100 over 50s in Scotland captures their views and experiences, identifies the challenges older people face in Scotland today, and broadly tracks how lives have changed over time. 

Read The Big Survey 2023

  • Pension Age Disability Payment - mobility component

    Age Scotland and a coalition of 14 other charities are calling for the Scottish Government to improve plans for the new Pension Age Disability Payment by providing a mobility component to help recipients with their mobility needs.
  • National Housing Survey 2023

    Our 2023 national housing survey provides insight into the experience and views of older people in Scotland about their current housing situation and needs.
  • Making Adaptations Work for Older People

    Age Scotland is delighted to have worked with the University of Stirling to co-produce this report focusing on the role of adaptations in future-proofing homes and environments for our ageing population.
  • Keeping the Doors Open

    In June 2022, Age Scotland surveyed our community member groups to identify the main challenges they are facing and find out more about their experiences over the course of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Taking the Temperature

    Age Scotland's summer 2022 survey of over 50s sought to find out about their energy usage, experience of paying bills, relationships with energy suppliers, awareness of energy efficiency support and more.
  • Help to Turn Up the Heat

    Our snap survey in January 2022 found 94% of older people reported they were worried about the cost of their energy bills. Hundreds shared further information about how the rise in prices will affect their daily lives and their worries for the future.
  • The Big Survey

    The Big Survey was prepared by ScotInform and Age Scotland and aimed to explore a wide range of areas of life for people aged 50+ living in Scotland including health and wellbeing, housing, ageism, representation of older people and the impact of Covid-19.
  • Older people and mental health

    In August 2021, Age Scotland, the ALLIANCE, See Me and Voices of eXperience (VOX) held a consultation event with older people to discuss their mental health and experiences of accessing mental health services, both before and during the pandemic.
  • Falls Treatment Pathways

    In 2021, Age Scotland undertook a consultation on behalf of the Scottish Ambulance Service exploring how older people would like to be treated if they have a fall at home.
  • Coronavirus Lockdown Anniversary

    To mark the first anniversary of lockdown in 2021, we spotlighted three specific issues which haven't always made headlines but nevertheless have had a profound impact on the lives of older people in Scotland.
  • Housing Needs of Older People - Panel Report

    Our latest research on the housing needs of older people in Scotland has highlighted a need to increase the availability of accessible and adaptable homes so that people can live well and independently for as long as possible.
  • National Housing Survey 2020

    Age Scotland and ScotInform surveyed 1,231 people aged 55 and over across Scotland on their views of the suitability of their housing, their energy costs and the affordability of their homes.

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If you are looking for information on a particular issue, please contact us to see if we can help (

Older reports: 

National Transport Strategy Review (2019)

Age Scotland undertook a major process of consultation with Scotland’s older people on their transport needs. Read the report's findings here.

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Waiting for Care (2019)

Our research found that four in ten older people were waiting longer than the Scottish Government's national guidelines to receive social care that they are entitled to. Read the report

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A Vision for Walking Sports (2019)

With the growing popularity of Walking Football and Walking Netball we want to work in partnership with others to develop more walking sports across Scotland. Read our vision for the future of Walking Sports here.

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What Brexit means for Scotland's older population (2019)

Our 2019 paper considered how Brexit would affect the day to day lives of older people and sought answers from the UK Government. You can read it here

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Age and Dementia Inclusive Communities (2019)

With funding from the Life Changes Trust, Age Scotland’s Early Stage Dementia Project carried out research into what makes a community age and dementia inclusive. Read the report.

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Orkney Housing Survey (2018)

In 2018, we commissioned Scotinform, though funding from the Scottish Government, to study the housing needs of older people in Orkney. Read the report's findings

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National Housing Survey (2018)

Age Scotland and ScotInform surveyed over 400 people aged 55 and over across Scotland on their views of the suitability of their housing, their energy costs and the affordability of their homes. Read the report

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Men's Sheds - 'The Shed Effect' (2017)

We conducted a report and survey to outline the positive impact that the men’s shed movement is having on later life. Read the findings

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