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Men's Sheds - 'The Shed Effect'

We conducted a report and survey to outline the positive impact that the growing men’s shed movement is having on later life. Men from sheds across Scotland told their story for 'The Shed Effect'.

This booklet provides a snapshot of where men’s sheds are today from the point of view of shedders. It comprises personal testimonies from shedders about their experiences of being involved in a men’s shed. The voices of these pioneering shedders have brought to life the magic of sheds, and the “shed effect”. Men’s sheds are a grassroots movement galvanising a rich and diverse range of skills, capabilities, experience and motivations to meet shedders own needs. They do this through companionship, learning, recapturing the highlights of working life, and making an active contribution to family and community. It is vital that men’s sheds are spaces created by shedders in their own image and to suit their needs. Where this need has been met, the number of sheds and shedders is growing and making an impact on boosting men’s health and well-being, whilst tackling loneliness and social isolation. These stories, in the shedders’ own words, powerfully make the case for the continued support of policymakers, funders and stakeholders in sustaining this asset-based, local voluntary model for the long term future.

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Our report demonstrates how men’s health and wellbeing has been lifted by getting involved in their local shed.

This paper is a collation of the 133 responses to the Health and Well-being Survey. The responses indicate that sheds are having great impact on people’s lives. The activities in the sheds are very important to shedders, and their achievements in setting up sheds and making them work are considerable. However, as the responses to the survey show, for many shedders it’s the companionship, sense of purpose, learning opportunities, new friendships and support that comes from being involved in a shed that is most valued by shedders, and is making a positive impact on health and well-being.

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