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Dementia Awareness workshop

dementia awareness training

Why is dementia a workplace issue?

As working beyond the age of 65 becomes common, more people will be affected by dementia in a number of ways while in employment.

Around 90,000 people in Scotland live with dementia, a number expected to double in the next 25 years.  As changes to retirement and state pension rules make working beyond age 65 common, more people will experience early symptoms of dementia while in employment.

Many workers are also unpaid carers for someone who has dementia and a growing number of customers who use your organisation’s products and services will be affected by dementia, directly or as a dementia carer.

Research shows that dementia is a workplace issue. 


Workshop content and outcomes

This workshop aims to ensure your managers, HR team and customer facing staff are better informed and prepared to respond effectively to the issues surrounding dementia in the workplace.

We have developed the workshop into a number of modules allowing organisations to choose those that are most relevant for their needs. Some of the topics covered include:

  • Signs, symptoms and risk factors of dementia
  • Communicating effectively with someone living with dementia
  • Employer legal obligations
  • Supporting an employee or customer living with dementia
  • Workplace support for employees who are carers of people living with dementia
After attending one of our workshops your staff are more likely to:
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of dementia.
  • Feel empowered to understand the needs of someone living with dementia.
  • Communicate effectively and empathetically with someone living with dementia, whether a customer or co-worker.
  • Help foster a positive working culture in which staff with dementia or caring for someone with dementia, feel supported by both their employer and co-workers.
  • Work with your organisation to develop more dementia-inclusive practices as part of its commitment to support vulnerable customers and colleagues.
  • Managers and HR teams will understand how to support employees who may be living with early stage dementia or are carers.
  • Adopt healthy working lifestyles that reduce the risk of dementia.

Read more about why greater dementia awareness in organisations is so important and how a better understanding of dementia can benefit both employers and employees in our age at work blog.

View and download workshop brochure 


CPD accreditation


We are delighted that our Dementia Awareness workshops have been awarded CPD accreditation from the CPD Standards Office. 

Attendees with CPD requirements will receive a certificate upon completion.

What do employers and employees think?

Staff have gained a deeper understanding of dementia, the issues faced by tenants and family members living with dementia and, more specifically, how this relates to housing.

Christine Vesty, learning and development consultant, Link Group Ltd.

All our staff learned and benefited from the excellent dementia awareness training. I would recommend it to other organisations.

Euan Cameron, Founder and CEO at Cohesion Medical Ltd

This course has definitely given me a much better understanding into how I am able to communicate & deal more effectively with service users over the phone and how dementia impacts individuals.  An excellent course.

Workshop attendee, Hanover Scotland.

For further information please contact Jonathan Park on 07808 024 807 or by emailing

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