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Health and wellbeing: building healthy habits

Building better health and wellbeing habits

Getting ready for a long, healthy later life starts with building better habits whilst still at work

In the UK 32.5 million working days are lost annually due to work-related ill health and, according to CIPD, a focus on employee health and wellbeing should be a core element of any HR strategy and central to the way an organisation operates.

Our highly interactive workshop boosts employees’ awareness of what they can do to influence their wellbeing, now, and into later life.  Its starting point is that most workers have some knowledge of what improves wellbeing but find it hard to apply what they know in busy work and personal lives.   The workshop will introduce a holistic approach to healthy active ageing and demonstrate practical techniques for building self-care into busy lives.  It will enable participants to identify areas of wellbeing they would like to explore further and provide a follow-up workbook to help them to do that.

Workshop content

The workshop covers the following:

When I'm 79.  Are outcomes such as worse sleep, poor memory, and frailty inevitable in later life, or can we shape our wellbeing destinies?  Participants test their preconceptions, followed by a discussion informed by latest research findings.

Cultivating wellbeing habits.  We share learning from behavioural science on the power of wellbeing habits, and how these can be cultivated.  Participants apply new learning to identify objects in their environment that will help, or hinder, them in developing habits that support their wellbeing goals.

Someone like me.  Working as a group, participants create a character: someone working in their profession, who is three years from retirement, and who feels they have poor wellbeing.  From that safe distance, they explore wellbeing challenges common in their line of work.  Fast forwarding five years, their character is now two years retired with good wellbeing.  Can participants apply what they have learned in the workshop to identify changes their character is likely to have made, before and at retirement, to enjoy that positive outcome?

Get moving.  A demonstration of how physical activity can be woven into busy working weeks schedules, using the science of habit formation to help make changes stick.

Body scan.  Introducing simple breathwork techniques than promote calm and focus, following by a mindfulness meditation.

Workshop outcomes

After attending the workshop, participants will have the following outcomes:

  • I am more aware of what can be done to influence wellbeing, now, and into later life.
  • I have additional techniques and information to help me nurture my own wellbeing.
  • I have identified areas of my wellbeing that I would like to explore further.

For further information or to book this workshop, please contact Jonathan Park on 07808 024 807 or by emailing

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