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In later life, you may have more time to get out and about, but you may be living on a lower income or have health problems or disabilities which make this difficult.


You can find information for older drivers in the Age UK guide In the Driving seat

National entitlement card

To qualify for free Scotland-wide bus travel, you must be aged 60 or over (or be considered by the scheme to be a disabled person) and be resident in Scotland. If you are eligible, your local council can tell you the process for getting a National Entitlement Card in your area.

You can get detailed information from Transport Scotland, which is responsible for administering the scheme, on 0141 272 7100 or on their website.

Community Transport

Where available, Community Transport services can ensure that you enjoy as much social independence as possible, take part in new opportunities and access services. The availability of transport will depend on where you live in Scotland.

The types of community transport may include a public bus (see National Entitlement Card information above) and rail services. There may also be a Dial-a-Bus or Dial-a-Ride available through your local council. This type of transport is useful if you have problems with mobility as the service involves being picked up from as near to your house as possible and being taken directly where you want to go. The British Red Cross also has a service in some areas which is dedicated to taking someone to and from a hospital appointment.

You can search their website to find out what is available locally.

Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme provides access to parking in certain restricted areas and is free at on-street parking meters and in pay and display bays.

If you qualify for a blue badge because you or a passenger have severe mobility problems, you are eligible for a range of on-street parking concessions and free parking in pay and display bays so you can park nearer where you need to go.

Apply for a badge from your local council and find information about who qualifies on their website.

Rail Travel

You can purchase a Senior Railcard which can reduce the cost of rail fares if you are 60 or over. Call 0345 3000 250 for more information or see their website

Scotrail also have regular offers for older people, visit their website or call them on 0344 811 0141

RADAR key scheme

The RADAR key scheme lets you have access to locked public toilets in shopping centres, pubs, shops and bus and train stations. RADAR keys are available to people who need the toilet facilities due to their disability or health condition.

Keys can be purchased from their website

For more information: Call the Age Scotland Helpline on 0800 12 44 222

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