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Well Through Winter

Please help older people like Gordon survive winter

You can help us be there by making a kind donation today

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Please help older people like Gordon survive winter

This winter will be incredibly tough for thousands of older people in Scotland. 
Before Gordon’s wife Jenny died, they would spend winters cosied up by the fire, watching TV together. Jenny had dementia and spent her last days in a nursing home. Gordon says “After Jenny moved into care, our home became too big for me to maintain and I had to move out. Managing my bills became much harder by myself and I ended up in debt.”

Winter brings bigger challenges for older people

Gordon rented a flat from a housing association, which was nice enough in the summer, but when winter came, it felt like a completely different place. Gordon’s flat was a nightmare to heat and his bills rocketed. Despite  rapping up warm and sitting against the heater, Gordon was still freezing.

The final straw came when his boiler broke. He had no heating, no hot water and no money to fix it. For the first time in his life, Gordon was terrified about how he’d cope.

I know you will understand that the cold winter months can be incredibly difficult. There are so many more older people in desperate need. Please help us be there by making a kind donation today.

Your donation could help an older person like Gordon.

Age Scotland’s helpline was there for Gordon

“The people on the Age Scotland helpline were so kind and understanding,” said Gordon. “They told me it was the housing association’s responsibility to fix the boiler. Then they did a benefits check and told me I was entitled to claim Pension Credit. The extra money really took the pressure off. They were there for me when no one else was, I was so grateful.”

Right now thousands of older people are struggling to heat their homes, pay their bills and fight off winter bugs, with the prospect of nothing changing for months. That is why I’m asking you if you can support our work today. Your gift can help Age Scotland be therefor those older people and give them the help they urgently need. 

Please support this urgent appeal

For thousands of older people, winter can be the toughest time of all. Like Gordon, maybe their boiler has broken down and they don’t have the money to fix it. Or perhaps they’re worried about turning up the thermostat, dreading the bill coming in the post. Gordon says “I remember cutting back on food shopping to cover the cost of heating.” No one should have to make that choice, especially with all the
winter bugs going around.

It is so important that older people have someone to turn to, before they hit rock bottom. At Age Scotland we receive calls from hundreds of older people looking for help over the winter months. With your kind donation today, you could help us give older people the advice and support they need to make this winter more bearable.

It’s a sad and shocking fact that in Scotland over 1,770 more people over 65 die in winter than at other times of the year. That’s what makes this an urgent appeal, so please help today if you can – you could save lives.

Please donate today

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