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Age Scotland helpline

The Age Scotland helpline is a free, confidential phone service for older people, their carers and families in Scotland. Our team provide information, friendship and advice. 

Our helpline is free call and available Monday - Friday 9-5pm.

Call us today on 0800 12 44 222.

Call us for advice about:

  • local services and opportunities
  • benefit entitlements
  • care rights
  • housing options and heating
  • legal issues such as Power of Attorney

We can also signpost or refer you to a specialist or local service which can help you, or an opportunity to get out and about locally. We also have a Community Connecting service which aims to help connect our callers with what is available locally.

Call our friendly team for a chat too; later life can bring times when you need someone to listen.

Thank you so much for being there for me this morning you have no idea how much it meant to have an adult conversation…the lady was the first person I had spoken to properly for seven weeks.

You’re the first person to talk sense about this. I wish I’d called you first. I’m keeping a note of your number and I’ll always call Age Scotland first in the future.

I didn’t know where to turn and I just feel so relieved now. I’m looking forward to this weekend and I wasn’t looking forward to the last

Thank you so much, you’ve been wonderful. You’ve made it so easy for me. To tell you the truth I’ve never asked for anything in my life and I was terrified. 

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