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Body Boosting Bingo

Body Boosting Bingo

Keeping active and having good muscle strength and balance is critical to our health and well-being. With this in mind, Age Scotland’s Allied Health Professionals Yolanda and Jenny have developed a dynamic, fun and interactive session they would like to share with member groups.

Introducing Body Boosting Bingo!

Body Boosting Bingo runs similar to a regular game of bingo but with a bit of a twist! We use a variation on the familiar rhyming bingo calls which will be linked to an exercise or activity. For example ‘number 8 lift some weights’. The activities are based on research evidence and we can tailor the input to meet all abilities in your group.

What does it involve?

The session takes about an hour and includes fun activities centred on active and healthy ageing. It will be provided free of charge to Age Scotland’s member groups. There is time in the session for discussion around living well and an opportunity to participate in our Body Boosting Bingo game. As a follow on from that session, we would also like to provide additional and ongoing support to a small number of groups. This would be to identify what would work well for your group to help embed physical activity into group meetings.

To take part in this element of the project, your group would need to have 10 interested people including volunteers, committee members and group members. We would work with you to identify what your needs are and what would work for you. Together we would work out a plan and provide you with dedicated support to take this forward.

How can my group take part?

Please let us know if you are interested in the first or both of the following activities;

  1. 1. Hosting a Body Boosting Bingo workshop for your group
  2. 2. Participating in the extra support element we are offering to help your group become more active

For more information

To find out more or register your interest please call 0333 32 32 400

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