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Inspiration Award 2022

Wing Hong Chinese Elderly Centre

Established in 1989 to enhance and promote equal opportunities, the charity helps Chinese older people to access social care, health, welfare and housing services.

The Wing Hong Chinese Elderly Centre in Glasgow is the winner of Age Scotland’s Inspiration award.

The award, which is sponsored by PRS Scotland, is given at the discretion of the awards decision making panel to recognise an individual or organisation that gives outstanding help and support to older people. It was presented to the group at the Age Scotland national awards ceremony in Glasgow.

Through its provision of day care and community services, the centre helps reduces loneliness and isolation and supports older Chinese people to live independently. It advocates for its service users too, by raising awareness of the specific needs of older Chinese people.

The WHCEC forged strong bonds with its members during the pandemic and word must have spread, because the charity received 60 requests to join once events resumed in 2021.

Amy Li-Man, chief executive officer of the Wing Hong Chinese Elderly Centre, said:

"We were very happy and excited when we learned that Wing Hong had won the award.

"We felt grateful for being recognised after decades of helping and supporting the Chinese Elderly. Wing Hong will continue to provide high-quality services and activities to our service users, raising awareness of the needs of the Chinese elderly, maintaining and improving community ties and preserving our Chinese heritage.

"We hope Wing Hong will keep on inspiring the elderly community-ageing should not be the end of learning, teaching and having a good time."

Brian Sloan, chief executive of Age Scotland, said:

"It gives me great pleasure to present the popular Wing Hong Chinese Elderly Centre with our Inspiration Award.

"The group provides a hugely important service to older Chinese people in Glasgow, offering support, advice and community activities.

"During the pandemic, service users found the language support, phone calls and the Chinese meal deliveries invaluable. One older person told the charity he had no-one else to turn to during lockdown, as his family lived in England and couldn’t travel. He didn’t know what he would have done without them.

"So congratulations to the Wing Hong Chinese Elderly Centre - they are extremely worthy winners of our inspiration award."

Award Sponsor: PSR Scotland

PSR Scotland is a joint safeguarding initiative supported by Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks, SP Energy Networks, SGN and Scottish Water to promote the Priority Services Register (PSR) for vulnerable households across Scotland.

The Priority Service Register is free to join and helps utilities provide tailored support should your electricity, gas or water supply go off in an emergency as well looking after you during their planned work.

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