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Body Boosting Bingo

What is Body Boosting Bingo?

Body Boosting Bingo is the health craze for older people that’s sweeping the country. We’ve been hosting games from Gretna to John O’Groats and even did a special showcase game with MSPs at the Scottish Parliament. It’s proved so popular that we’ve developed versions that members can host whenever it suits you. And it’s free for Age Scotland members!

It is all about supporting people to participate in exercise, promoting muscle strength and balance in a fun and lively way. We know that increasing our muscle strength and fitness levels can make a huge difference to our physical and mental health. It can make us feel stronger, happier and help us to keep doing the things that we want to do to keep us independent and enjoying life.

Body Boosting Bingo is similar to a regular game of bingo however each number called relates to an exercise or activity. For example ‘number 10 let's twist again’ ‘number 8 lift some weights’.

The exercises included in Body Boosting Bingo are based on research evidence with a few fun activities added in that gently encourages people to join in. Within the game, we demonstrate seated and standing versions of each activity and participants can choose which version they wish to join in with.

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How do I play Body Boosting Bingo?

Member groups and individual members can request one printed version and one digital version of Body Boosting Bingo. Find out more below.

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