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Age UK Sheffield will soon be launching a brand new service for the city, created specifically to support people who have been diagnosed with young onset dementia, as well as their carers, family and friends. 

This new service will be the first of its kind and has been commissioned by Sheffield City Council for five years. This is a really important service for Sheffield and Age UK Sheffield are keen to ensure that it is as person centred as possible. Because of this, we want to know exactly what should be included in the service to make it a success. The service will offer a holistic approach of support, which involves offering both an information and advice element as well as training, activities and groups.

There are lots of important things to decide about how this service will work (for example, the service doesn’t even have a name yet!)
But, we don’t want to start planning all of the important elements of the service simply according to what we feel will be best. Instead, we want to be informed by the experts! The experts are the people who have young onset dementia, their family, friends and carers.

We also want to hear from others, for example health care professionals or employers.

Personal Experience:
First and foremost we want to hear from the people who know first-hand, what it is like to be diagnosed with young onset dementia and what needs to be included and provided by a service designed specifically to support them.
Do you have young on set dementia? Or, do you know someone who does? If so, we would love to hear from you.
We are inviting you to join one of our focus groups. You will be able to attend in person at our Wellbeing Centre in Norfolk Park, or you can join the focus group via a Zoom call.
If you would like to take part and join one of our focus groups, please email (or call 0114 250 2850) and we will get in touch with more info about the focus group event/events coming up.

Please note the next focus group will take place via Zoom on Tuesday November 3rd 3-4pm.
If you can’t attend please contact us anyway and we will contact you about alternative ways to get involved in the future.

If you are a health or social care professional that works in a service/role supporting people who have been diagnosed with young onset dementia, or if you're role involves supporting family members, friend or carers of people living with young onset dementia, we would love to hear from you too.

We are hosting a focus group via zoom on the 29th October, 4-5pm. If you would like to attend, please email
Or simply join on the day, via the Zoom link: 

Please feel free to send this information and invite to anyone you know who may be interested in this unique opportunity, to have your say and help us shape this vital new service for Sheffield.

Should you have any further questions and need to get in touch with our team you can email us at or phone us on 0114 250 2850