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From snooker to a singalong – Our celebration of Older People’s Day

22 October 2015

Lord Mayor Councillor Talib Hussain joined members and staff at Age UK Sheffield’s Wellbeing Centre to mark the national occasion and take part in a range of activities.



The centre, which is based in Norfolk Heritage Park, played host to a snooker tournament where members ‘cued’ up for some sporting fun.


Elsewhere, a singalong was accompanied by various musical instruments played by members and staff, while a karaoke machine made an appearance during the centre’s open mic challenge.


The team at the Wellbeing Centre also created a large wall mural to focus on and celebrate the positive experiences of later life.


Natasha Wilson, wellbeing assistant coordinator at the centre, said: “As well as music, singing and dancing, the mural was an eye-catching and engaging addition to the festivities.


“We encouraged guests to write a few biographical lines and ‘pin your life history’ on a world map to celebrate the rich and diverse history of our members.


“We were thrilled the Lord Mayor could join us on this special occasion and very proud to mark Older People’s Day in the city.


“It is a fantastic platform to showcase intergenerational relationships, as well as demonstrate the important role older people play in our families, workplaces and wider communities.”