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Green-fingered grafters

13 May 2016

University of Sheffield volunteers have helped to transform the outlook of Age UK Sheffield customer Michael Eblet, spending a day clearing his overgrown garden.


Age UK Sheffield had been working with Michael to support his aims to maintain his independence in older age, with his garden being identified as an important issue.


Michael had been unable to manage his garden, leading it to become severely overgrown, dangerous to navigate, and a constant reminder of the issues he wanted to resolve.









The ten students stepped in under the university’s “Give It A Go” programme and completely cleared the space, in a hard-working, five-hour period.


Age UK Sheffield’s Andy Callard, said: “It was amazing to see the difference a small amount of volunteering can make to an older person’s entire outlook. Michael can look out of his window and see a garden once again – even his old pigeon coop which had disappeared from sight as the plants took over. Volunteer support is really helping us to improve the lives of older people in Sheffield.”


If you are interested in volunteering with Age UK Sheffield, or you are an older person in need of our support, call (0114) 250 2850. Click here to see our volunteer roles.